Map: What’s Your Portland Neighborhood’s Shooting Count?

It is no secret that crime has become a significant issue in today’s society. In response, the Portland Police Bureau developed a website last year where residents and visitors can access data on the city’s shootings.

But if guns become as routine as breath mints and burning letters, we must ask whether our culture needs this state of affairs. The Neighborhood Incidents map is an intriguing dashboard component, with different shades of blue indicating areas with more and less gun violence, respectively. See the Map here

Map What's Your Portland Neighborhood's Shooting Count

Map What's Your Portland Neighborhood's Shooting Count

Map What's Your Portland Neighborhood's Shooting Count

How often are shots fired near you being reported to the police? The number of shootings recorded in Portland neighborhoods can also be viewed on the interactive map below just by hovering your mouse over those areas.

The map does not allow users to narrow their results by date range and event category. You can filter the displayed information by selecting the desired field.

Information about shootings up to October 2018, when the FBI began a new way of collecting and tracking data that can be made public, is shown in the Shooting Incident Statistics dashboard.

You hear the news of firing, sometimes through media, sometimes through TV, but some such stories either do not fit in the media or are not allowed to be seen knowingly or unknowingly. All shootings will not appear on the dashboard until they are reported to the app by the officials.

Although these statistics do not include firearm suicides, they can be explained by consequential injuries inflicted by firearms. Or they can be resolved based on firearm injuries in the data.
For more information, visit this link Police Bureau. Identify your current location. Click here and enter your address.

You also pray to God that such an incident should not happen even near you, if it ever happens, you should immediately inform the police near you. Stay connected with us for more information about the news. If there is any opinion or complaint, then below Must write in the given comment box.

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