Walmart Is Closing All Of Its Locations In Portland, Oregon

The company announced no more Walmart stores in Portland after March 24th. There are two locations, 4200 82nd Ave. SE and 1123 N Hayden Meadows Dr., and together they employ fewer than 600 people.

Walmart has stated that it will assist affected workers in relocating to nearby locations. More than a dozen Walmarts can still be found in the metropolitan area, which includes outlying areas such as suburbs, even though the retailer has primarily abandoned urban locations.

We got a tweet about the closing of Walmart stores

The corporation announced the closures because the stores were not profitable. The authors concede that “several criteria,” such as “present and projected financial performance, location, population, consumer needs, and the proximity of other adjacent establishments,” must be taken into account when making such “tough decisions.”

Such things are bad for Oregon. You can read some other news:

Shoplifting and other retail crimes have plagued Portland for some time. Businesses in Portland were unhappy with the city’s response to retail theft last year. While Walmart has not blamed robbery and crime, an important metric that all stores consider is…SHRINK.

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