Alisha Lehmann Net Worth: How Much Does the Swiss Football Star Earn?


Alisha Lehmann is well-known in soccer for her strong attacking skills and lively personality. She is 24 years old and from Switzerland. Alisha started loving soccer when she was young and played for FC Lucerne before joining BSC YB Frauen in 2014.

She wanted bigger challenges, so she moved to West Ham United in 2018 to play in the Women’s Super League.

In 2018, she played very well in the UEFA Women’s Under-19 Championship in Switzerland, which made her more famous. She became even more popular after joining Aston Villa.

Even though she is famous in women’s soccer, many people don’t know her net worth, salary, or other details. Let’s learn more about Alisha Lehmann.

Alisha Lehmann Net Worth

Alisha Lehmann Net Worth 1

Right now, Lehmann is working hard to make a name for herself in soccer. Recent reports say that at age 24, her net worth is about $2.5 million. She earns around $200,000 a year playing for Aston Villa.

Lehmann has become famous both on and off the field, attracting big brands. She makes extra money from sponsorships with Adidas and EA Sports, which increases her net worth.

Since joining Aston Villa in the summer of 2021, Lehmann has scored seven goals for the team. However, this year, she had a tough season without any goals or assists. She has also played 48 matches for the Swiss national team, scoring six goals.

Besides her soccer skills, Lehmann is also admired for her beauty and style.

Alisha Lehmann Career and Achievements

Alisha started her professional soccer career with the Swiss club BSC YB Frauen, where she scored 25 goals in 52 league games. Her excellent performance got her noticed, and in August 2018, she joined West Ham United in the FA Women’s Super League.

Under manager Matt Beard, Alisha continued to do well, scoring 9 goals in 30 games and helping the team reach the Women’s FA Cup final.

But her time at West Ham was just the beginning. In 2021, she briefly played for Everton on loan before moving to Aston Villa. At Aston Villa, Alisha scored four goals in her first season and extended her contract with the club.

Internationally, Alisha has also done well. She played her first game for the Switzerland national team in March 2018 during the Cyprus Women’s Cup and scored her first international goal against Finland in the same tournament.

Although she missed the 2022 UEFA European Women’s Football Championship, she has made important contributions to the national team.

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Alisha Lehmann Personal Life


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Alisha’s work life is well known, but her personal life has had its ups and downs. She used to date Brazilian footballer Douglas Luiz, but they broke up for reasons that were not made public.

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