Shifty Shellshock Net Worth: Discover the Fortune of Crazy Town’s Iconic Frontman


Crazy Town’s lead singer, Shifty Shellshock, passed away suddenly at 49. This is a big loss for the music world because their band was very popular in the 2000s. Their first album sold a lot of copies, and their song “Butterfly” was very famous. Even though Shifty Shellshock later went solo, he still has a lot of money. See more details below…

Shifty Shellshock Net Worth

Shifty Shellshock Net Worth

American musician Shellshock, also known as Seth Binzer, has a net worth of $25,000. He became famous in the 2000s after co-founding the rock band Crazy Town with Bret Mazur. Their debut album included the single “Butterfly,” which reached number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts in 2001.

The success of “Butterfly” helped their album, “The Gift of Game,” sell over two million copies. The song was very popular and was featured in many movies, TV shows, and commercials.

However, the band did not maintain their success with their second album, leading to the group’s breakup. Shellshock then started a solo career and had another hit song, “Starry Eyed Surprise,” with DJ Paul Oakenfold.

Sadly, Shellshock struggled with substance abuse and addiction. He appeared on the VH1 reality TV shows “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew” and “Sober House.”

Shifty Shellshock Career

Crazy Town broke up in the early-to-mid 2000s. During that time, Binzer worked with musician Paul Oakenfold on the song “Starry Eyed Surprise.” The song was a hit, reaching number six in the UK and number 41 in the US. In 2004, Binzer released his first solo album under the name Shifty Shellshock, called “Happy Love Sick.” The album included the singles “Slide Along Side” and “Turning Me On,” as well as “Starry Eyed Surprise.”


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Binzer has had many struggles with drug addiction, which have been shown on reality TV. In 2008, he was one of nine celebrities on the first season of VH1’s “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.” By the end of the season, he agreed to go to a sober living center. However, he relapsed and appeared on the second season of “Celebrity Rehab.” He eventually went back into treatment for his crack cocaine addiction.

From 2009 to 2010, Binzer was on the VH1 show “Sober House,” a follow-up to “Celebrity Rehab.” He appeared with Mary Carey, Steven Adler, Nikki McKibbin, Rodney King, and Amber Smith. Jennifer Gimenez was the house manager, and Dr. Drew Pinsky provided counseling. Binzer was on both seasons of “Sober House.” During this time, his former bandmate Adam Goldstein died from a drug overdose.

Besides music and TV, Binzer has been in some movies. He had a small role in the 1994 comedy “Clifford,” starred in the 2004 short film “Willowbee,” and appeared briefly in the 2005 drama “Hustle & Flow” and the 2016 zombie Western TV movie “Dead 7.”

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Shifty Shellshock Personal Life

In 2002, Binzer married Melissa Clark, and they had a son named Halo. They got divorced in 2011 because they couldn’t get along. Binzer also has a son named Gage from a previous relationship with a woman named Tracy. Later, he dated British model and TV personality Jasmine Lennard.
They got engaged in 2012 and had a son named Phoenix. That same year, Binzer was arrested for hitting someone and having cocaine. He got three years of probation, and his relationship with Lennard ended.
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