Detective Arrest Suspect In Organized Retail Theft

Detectives with the Tigard Police Department made a significant arrest involving a woman from the Seattle area linked to organized retail theft.

The woman, 28-year-old Schama Lynce-Goree from Federal Way, Washington, is known to investigators and loss prevention employees for repeated retail theft and fraud in Oregon and Washington. She is known to steal merchandise, then fraudulently return it for gift cards that can be sold for cash.

On Tuesday, February 28th, detectives were notified that LynceGoree tried to fraudulently return stolen merchandise at Lululemon stores in Portland, Clackamas, and Tigard. After she left the Tigard store, detectives pulled her over at a nearby gas station, where she was arrested and charged with first-degree theft x3.

We found a tweet from Tigard Police regarding the arrest of an organized retail theft suspect by detectives

Investigators recovered approximately $10,000 in stolen merchandise, $2,200 in fraudulently gained gift cards, and a replica handgun from her car. Her passenger, Sean’Janae Phillips, age 24, was also charged with first-degree theft.

We have much other theft renews:

Investigators believe Lynce-Goree robbed the exact Tigard location a few days earlier on Sunday, February 26th. In that case, it’s thought she stole more than $7,000 in merchandise and threatened a store clerk. She’s facing a third-degree robbery charge for that case. Since December, loss prevention employees and investigators have tied Lynce-Goree to more than $40,000 in losses from Lululemon stores in Oregon and Washington.

Detectives with the Tigard Police Commercial Crimes Unit work primarily on crimes affecting the business community, including organized retail theft, shoplifting, and robbery. To learn more, visit

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