Oregon Man Pleads Guilty to Injuring FBI Technician With Booby Trap

A jury in Oregon has indicted a man suspected of shooting an FBI bomb technician with a wheelchair-mounted shotgun as part of several deadly plans, one of which the suspect claimed to be responsible for his conductβ€”carried out at the previous home.

In a press release on Tuesday, the United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Oregon announced the development. Gregory Lee Rodewelt, age 71, was found guilty by a federal jury on June 2 of inflicting severe injury on a federal officer and engaging in gunfire to support the offense.

Rodewelt will be sentenced later on after the charges have been properly framed. Prosecutors claim that the maximum punishment for the latter offense may be life in prison.

Following court records, the incident occurred on September 7, 2018, when agents from the FBI and bomb specialists from the Oregon State Police went to a house Rodewelt owned in the Williams neighborhood, even though she wasn’t utilizing it as the location of a legal proceeding. I dropped dead.

Rodewelt, according to the prosecution, plundered the property for personal gain after learning that a realtor had been appointed to sell the house.

Bomb technicians apparently recognized something was wrong when they arrived at the property and spotted a minivan blocking the gate. A steel mesh fastened to a gate post could be seen when he peered beneath the minivan’s hood.

The authorities further asserted that the hot tub was knocked over to cause the gate to slide toward the opener, breaking the front, using makeshift spike strips.

According to the prosecution, the front door had bullet holes, and experts discovered that the windows were locked from the inside.

Oregon Man Pleads Guilty to Injuring FBI Technician With Booby Trap
Oregon Man Pleads Guilty to Injuring FBI Technician With Booby Trap

Technicians in the house’s garage hacked a mousetrap that could hold a shotgun pellet. According to the prosecution, the empty trap was still fastened to the leading garage door so that it could be activated by opening it.

Technicians and two additional police officers used an explosive charge to blow open the house’s front door.

The group approached the house cautiously, scanning the area for traps, and quickly found a wheelchair in the lobby. After the wheelchair was hit, he shot an FBI bomb technician below with a.410 shotgun shell from an unorthodox mechanism. He made particular reference to kneeling in the press.
Before transporting the injured technician to the hospital, he received assistance from his coworkers.

The Oregon State Police and the Institute of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives supported the FBI-led investigation.

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