A Shooting in Northeast Portland Has Left Four People Injured

On Saturday, June 3, night, a shooting in northeast Portland injured four people. It occurred at roughly 5 p.m. on 55th and Northeast Webster. Sergeant Kevin Allen of the Portland Police Department has confirmed that all four victims were ad*lts.

“We heard gunfire erupt,” Anthony Henderson, a local resident near Northeast 55th Avenue and Sumner Street, said. “I thought maybe it was someone goofing around.”

You can see a video of four people injured in Northeast Portland-

YouTube video

Henderson stated that one police officer informed him that a hundred shots had been fired during the incident. “I’ve never heard that many shots in my life,” he exclaimed. “It was really shocking, and like I said, it sounded like the sound was moving as if they were chasing each other.”

There were four total hospital transports: two via ambulance and two via private vehicles. Sgt. Allen reports that their wounds are not life-threatening.

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Henderson, who has lived in the area for 40 years, added, “But you know, there are issues. Not shootouts. So, it’s very concerning. I have two children. There’s a lot of children on the street.” The police couldn’t make any quick arrests, and their investigation is still ongoing.

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