Oregon Community Mourns the Loss of Joanna Speaks, Mother of Three

A story came out Monday, 24 April 2023, saying that the body of a missing mother from Oregon was found outside a barn in a remote part of Washington State.

KGW-TV says that police think Joanna Speaks’s 32-year-old body was “moved” to the barn in Ridgefield, Wash.Β after the mother of three was killed by a blow to the head.

The Clark County Sheriff’s Office said by a Twitter post that they were looking into Speaks’ de@th as a m*rder.

Ariel Hamby, the woman’s stepsister, was shocked by what she found.

Joanna Speaks was last seen in Oregon. Her body was found outside a barn in Ridgefield, Washington.

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β€œIt keeps me up at night thinking that whoever did this to her, blunt force trauma to the head and neck, I mean that is violent, and that person is walking around,” Hamby said.

Speaks leaves behind a girl who is 7 years old and two boys who are in their teens.

Oregon Community Mourns the Loss of Joanna Speaks, Mother of Three

The family set up a GoFundMe page to help pay for the costs of her funeral.

β€œHer children have made it clear that they would like to keep a piece of her with them, but also have a place to visit where her name and life will be engraved and never forgotten,” reads a description on the GoFundMe page. β€œWe’re hoping that we can at least give them that.”

No one has been found to blame for her d*ath.

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