Video Shows Oregonian Man Harassing And Forcefully Pushing A Woman Into River

Over the past several days, we’ve received numerous links to films depicting the harassment and assault of women in Oregon. Many of these are authentic and provide insight into the ways in which women are mistreated in the community. This is an urgent problem at this very moment. A guy is shown shoving a woman into the river for no apparent reason in the video that accompanies today’s post.

Unknown to anyone, this woman was sitting beside a river in an attempt to take photographs of animals. She had what seemed like a high-end camera costing around $3000. A man who knew nothing about the woman soon appears and shoves her into the water. You may view the spoof recording of this occurrence below:-

This guy was inebriated, and neither he nor his companion who filmed him knew what they were doing. The video’s star claims to be a British native who brought her photography pupil to the United States. The woman can be seen in the video becoming enraged after her costly camera is shattered shortly after she is shoved into the river.

A crowd gathered, and someone began recording the inebriated man who clearly showed no remorse for his actions. Even his friend who was filming the whole episode thinks it was a bad idea to do what he did. But the obstinate man doesn’t seem to care. When he realized that the men around him were contacting the police, he made a hasty exit.

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Our sources tell us that this video was shot in Oregon, but they can’t pinpoint exactly where. This kind of treatment of immigrants is shameful and damages America’s standing in the eyes of the world. If you know anything about this area, please share your thoughts here. Give us your recommendation on what to do with this guy.


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