35 People Were Detained in a Chop Shop Raid

Authorities claim that during two separate operations involving stolen vehicles, they were able to make 35 arrests and uncover a chop shop. The stolen car operations in Portland and Gresham were conducted on May 12 and 19 with the assistance of the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office.

β€œWe looked at the VIN, which wasn’t in the right spot. So that was our first clue that something’s not right here,” said PPB Lieutenant Norman Staples.

One can view a video of PPB’s 35 arrests, the recovery of stolen vehicles, and the busting of a chop shop facilitating car theft-

Police reported making 35 arrests, serving 34 warrants, recovering 31 stolen or suspected stolen vehicles, and seizing ten weapons and two suppressors during those two days. Authorities claimed they tried a traffic stop on a stolen car, but the driver sped off in the opposite direction.

They claimed that they tracked down the car and its driver to a location on Gresham’s Northeast Wasco Street, where they uncovered a “chop shop” full of stolen vehicles, tools for dismantling them, and VIN replacement equipment.

β€œHe filled in the VIN and then painted over it. We found that and realized the car was stolen. In the same spot, we saw some other costly cars, and it was very odd for the location we were at. And so, we started checking on those cars, and those cars started coming back as stolen also,” Staples said.

Officers reported finding six firearms and two handmade suppressors after presenting a search warrant, in addition to seven further confirmed stolen and eight suspected stolen vehicles.

 35 People Were Detained in a Chop Shop Raid

According to the authorities, the fleeing driver, 34-year-old Chris Norwood Young, now faces 51 accusations, including, but not limited to, eight counts of possession of a stolen car, six counts of felon in possession of a firearm, and 16 counts of recklessly endangering another person.

β€œFor most families, cars are their sole transportation to get from place to place, so being able to return those are nice. Getting the weapons, we know that we have a gun epidemic in Portland, and now we’ve gotten rid of six of them, plus some suppressors.”

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At his hearing on Monday, the judge granted Young bail since he had never failed to appear in court before, despite his prior convictions for identical acts in 2017. A day later, he was free to go again.

β€œUnfortunately, he got out on such a low bail, but that’s a court and judicial thing. That’s not a law enforcement thing. For us, we still put 51 charges on him, which is a lot of charges, and he’s still going to have to answer to those charges,” Staples said.

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