The Portland Dog Bus is Full of Fun, Affection, and Tasty Food

Waggy passengers can be picked up all over town by the Surf’s Pup Doggie Lounge as it journeys around town.

Janis Sandlin, a founder of Surf’s Pup Doggie Lounge, was inspired to open the business after noticing that many surfers in her native Southern California kept their dogs in the car because animals are not allowed on most beaches.

You can see a video of the Portland dog bus-

YouTube video

The purpose of the bus is to provide your dog with a stimulating and secure outside environment while you are at work. Southeast Portland, Milwaukie, and Happy Valley are the primary areas the dog bus serves.

News about recent happenings in Oregon is also available here-

Pickup and drop-off are included in the base price of $55 for the two-hour excursions, and additional passes can be purchased at a discount. On-demand, they will also provide a one-hour stroll. Surf’s Pup Doggie Lounge is described in detail here.

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