Shocking Video Of Portlander Girl Beaten Mercilessly Emergs On Internet

Portland is a county in Oregon State that is both beautiful and tranquil. This is the most densely inhabited part of the state, but many people still think it’s a nice spot to settle down. However, life rarely treats everyone equally. A video of a group of people brutally assaulting and dragging a young woman has just gone viral on the internet.

Several men can be seen in the footage pulling and severely hitting the girl. However, the girl’s pain was too much, and she passed out. It’s clear there’s rivalry between Portland locals and the girl, who appears to be a local as well, based on this terrible deed. If you need clarification, please watch the video below:

It’s possible that the Girl is high or inebriated. However, unless proven guilty, every American is presumed innocent. People and police officers alike acted inappropriately while dealing with the woman. At the time, there were also no female law enforcement officials available. We don’t know much about what went on, but it’s clear that the girl was mistreated and battered by a mob.

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On the other hand, she may have been caught stealing or burgling a house. People should have waited for the cops to arrive instead of hitting her so hard that she passes out, even if she was at fault.

The specific clarification on this topic is eagerly sought, however thus yet neither the police nor any other local news networks have reported on the incident. We hope to hear from you soon on this matter. Leave a comment telling us if you think this was a good idea or a bad one.


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