Portland’s Population is Rapidly Declining

According to the census, Portland had the sixth-highest rate of population decline in the United States last year. Portland’s population started falling in 2020 after increasing for 15 consecutive years. About fifteen years ago, Amanda Ghest settled in Portland. She claims to have fun here and is saddened by the thought of others departing.

“I know it’s been really tough for a lot of people throughout the pandemic,” Ghest remarked.β€œIt’s been hard to see Portland at the forefront of some of those tensions.” From July 1, 2021, to July 1, 2022, 8,308 people left Portland, according to the data.

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Larry May, who has been a resident since 1985, is dissatisfied. β€œIt’s like Portland died,” he said. β€œThe tourists haven’t come back like they used to be. Especially the Japanese, they love this city.” Ghest noted that many are fleeing because of the high cost of living and the unstable work situation.

May claims that the reduction of police resources is the primary motivation. β€œI hope they get it back up again because the crime is really bad, shootings,” he said. β€œIt’s not the Portland I knew.”

In its 2023 State of the Economy report, the Portland Business Alliance expressed alarm over these tendencies. It claims that crime rates have increased along with the high vacancy rates in downtown office buildings.

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Portland's Population is Rapidly Declining

The document warns Portland residents, “People and businesses vote with their feet, and they are not voting for Portland, the city or the region, in the way that they have in the recent past.”

A double-dip recession has not hit the United States since the 1980s, but the Portland Business Alliance warns that current tendencies are more problematic than those. Ghest has stated that this is not the direction she hopes Portland will take. “Here we are in this beautiful park,” she said. β€œIt makes me feel a little sad.”

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