A Vancouver Family’s Stolen SUV Has Sparked a Perplexing Hunt

A family from North East Vancouver has been carless since Mother’s Day. They think someone may have noticed it recently, but if so, it would have indicated the burglars did something strange, as the timeline of events shows the offenders switched the plate repeatedly.

During the morning routine, the Loiselle family found out their black Escalade had been taken when one of their four children ran into the house, “and he goes,” as Luke Loiselle put it, “Where’s the car?”

“I’m like, β€˜It’s in the driveway.’ β€˜It’s not there,’” his son responded. β€œβ€˜What do you mean,’” Loiselle asked. β€œThat pit in your stomach. It didn’t go somewhere on its own.”

“It feels like a violation,” Heather Loiselle said. “We’ve never had anything like this happen before. It’s shocking, and you don’t know what to do in those instances.” She stated they called the police and filed a report first, then went looking for themselves, and finally shared images of themselves online.

“I really didn’t think anyone was going to recognize it,” Heather admitted, “but I hoped they would.” A video of a car matching Heather’s description was shared with her a few days ago. β€œI opened it up, and I’m like, β€˜that looks like my car.’”

You can see a video of the puzzling search for a Vancouver family’s stolen SUV-

YouTube video

The license plates, however, are from Colorado, not Washington State. The pair claims that the car in the video had the same broken rear tail light and matching markings inside as their own. Police now want the two males shown in the videoΒ for questioning.

A Clark County Sheriff’s Office officer speculates that they may have come into contact with the stolen car. The Sheriff’s Office claims another vehicle’s traffic stop trapped the black Escalade they seek.

The Sheriff’s Department then claims the vehicle collided with multiple other cars while trying to flee, including one of their patrol vehicles. Heather was upset to learn of the incident because β€œknowing now someone did that and it had our plates.”

“What are the ramifications of that? Does it come back on us? I hope not, but I don’t know.” The pair says they sympathize with the police department’s workload and realize that retrieving their automobile is a low priority.

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β€œIt sounds like it’s really on us or someone else to find it and identify it,” Luke said. β€œI hope they get caught because it’s probably not the first or last time. “I have three kids in different sports,” Heather sighed, “we can’t do that now without relying on family or friends. It’s hard.”

The couple is eager to recover their vehicles because it appears they will not receive an adequate settlement from their insurance company. Meanwhile, a pal has organized an internet drive to earn money for a car.

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