NW Portland Car Cr@sh: The Driver is Discovered to Have Been Sh0t Multiple Times

Authorities have said that an investigation is now ongoing due to the discovery of a person who had been sh0t several times at the site of an @ccident in Northwest Portland early on Wednesday, May 03 morning.

Just after 1 a.m., officers from the Portland Police Department were dispatched to the scene of the incident, which was close to the intersection of Northwest Everett Street and Northwest Naito Parkway.

NW Portland Car Cr@sh

The authorities located the motorist at the site and took them to a nearby hospital with injur!es that were not considered life-threatening.

Here’s what you need to know now about recent events in Portland:

According to the police, the suspect had already departed the area before the authorities arrived. There was no suspicious information that was made public.

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