Portland Police Have Shut Down Barbur Boulevard While Investigating a Double Hom!cide

After a sh00ting on Wednesday, May 03, afternoon in the Multnomah Village district of Southwest Portland, police confirmed two individuals’ de@ths and another’s @rrest. According to officials, two males were discovered de@d in the parking lot of a strip mall on Southwest Barbur Boulevard at about 2:45 p.m.

Police said they have arrested one individual related to the inquiry and are no longer looking for anybody else. Barbur has been shut off between SW 30th and Alice Street, according to the police. There was no more information available at this time.

β€œDealing with a homicide, especially one where it’s in broad daylight and a lot of people around, and especially where we have two people dece@sed, there’s no question that has a tremendous impact on our community. We recognize that and are making sure we do this correctly,” said PPB Sgt. Kevin Allen.

Portland Police Have Shut Down Barbur Boulevard


On Wednesday, two local males at work reported hearing anything from five to ten g*nshots. Something like five, six, or seven. They shot the full footage, said Anthony Marinaro of A1 Muffler. I’ve heard plenty of g*nfire and other noises in the area. ThisΒ isn’t the most desirable neighborhood.

Here’s the latest on what’s been happening in Portland:

That’s the problem we’re having in this country, right? It’s that our mental health is at such a low collectively that there are people out here that are right next to me getting lunch and working here that are getting k!lled, and how ridiculous that is, how odd and that is, added Mark, an employee at Chevron.

The police in Portland, Oregon, request the public’s assistance in solving case 23-115074.

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