Double Murder Mystery: Portland Police Hunt for Clues in Centennial Shooting

PORTLAND, Ore. — Two men were sh0t de@d early on Sunday morning, 30 April 2023, in Portland’s Centennial neighborhood, but police have not yet named any suspects.

When the cops got to the house in the 16600 block of SE Naegeli Drive, they found a de@d man. Investigators said that a few blocks away, they found another man’s body in the 17100 block of SE Naegeli.

But KOIN 6 News showed footage of people helping in the 17100 block of SE Powell.

The fact that the shooter hasn’t been found is a big worry for the people who live nearby. Since there is a shooting range close by, most people in the area are used to hearing shots go off quickly.

But when Renieta Hill heard gunsh0ts outside her apartment early on Sunday morning, she said she knew they were not practice rounds.

Portland Police Hunt for Clues in Centennial Shooting

Hill lives behind the shopping center that the cops have taped off while they look into what happened. A video showed bullet holes in several cars.

Portland Police Hunt for Clues in Centennial Shooting

“Multiple gunshots. I was watching my favorite show and had to pause it. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and I just made my children get down on the ground. For about an hour we laid there just to make sure it was cool,”. “Came out here and seen that the police were out here. I just couldn’t believe it was so close to home.”

She said that she has decided to leave the area.

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“I’ve been keeping my door locked. Hill told KOIN 6 News, “I tell my kids, “We’re not going out and we’re not playing in the neighborhood today.” As long as they’re on the loose, I know that my safety and the safety of my children are in danger.” “It’s very scary. We had just been thinking about moving, but this made us decide for sure. We’ll be leaving this place pretty soon.”

Neither victim’s name has been made public.

Authorities shut down SE Naegeli Drive between Powell Boulevard and 174th during the first part of the probe.

“I’m going to pray for the family. “It breaks my heart,” Hill said. “This is a terrible thing that happens way too often, and I hate that it happened in my town. I feel terrible for the family.”

Detective Brad Clifton can be reached at or at 503.823.0696. Detective Tony Harris can be reached at  or at 503.823.0441. The number of the case is 23-111647.

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