Officer Struck by Vehicle in Pursu!t of Fleeing Suspect in Southeast Portland

The Portland Police Bureau reports that an officer was hurt early Saturday (April 29)Β morning following a foot pursu!t in southeast Portland. HeΒ chased a fleeing suspect onto Interstate 205 and was hit by a slow-moving automobile.

Near Southeast 97th Avenue and Southeast Glenwood Street, at around 10:30 a.m., police saw a person sitting in a parked vehicle and learned it had been reported st0len. The man evaded the police on foot and exited Interstate 205 near Southeast Woodstock Boulevard. As the suspect crossed three southbound interstate lanes, traffic stopped.

One motorist resumed onward motion after seeing the culprit leave her lane. A pursuing police officer suddenly ran in front of her Ford Fusion, and she allegedly struck him while traveling at about ten mph. The cop was knocked to the floor.

Officer Struck by Vehicle in Pursu!t of Fleeing Suspect

The ambulance took him to the hospital, where doctors set his ankle and bandaged his “scrapes and bruises.” According to the police, he has been discharged from the hospital and “is recovering at home.”

The motorist complied with police requests to pull over. She was not under the influence and had not spotted the officer when she pulled over for the cr!minal, according to the police. Neither an arrest nor a citation was made against her.

Other pursuing officers eventually caught up with and surrounded the suspect, who was apprehended. Norman R. Kurth, 33, was arrested and transported to the hospital by ambulance for breathing difficulties.Β Police stated he admitted to them that he had “swallowed dr*gs.”

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Kurth was taken to the hospital and put into the Multnomah County Detention Center for car theft, evading police on foot, and felon possessing a handg*n. There was a warrant out for his arrest, according to the police. The car that had been stolen was found.

Chief Lovell of the Lovell Police Department expressed relief that the officer was unharmed. β€œThis is another reminder of the hazards that law enforcement officers face daily as they serve our community,” Lovell said.

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