Two people Were Sh0t in a Vehicle in Northwest Portland

Around 11:20 p.m. on a Friday (April 28)night, Lory Caldwell and her daughter watched TV in their Northwest Portland home when they heard loud bangs outside their window.

Caldwell said that there were five or six g*nsh0ts. A witness said, “We could hear the woman screaming.” After Caldwell called 911, police arrived shortly after. She immediately contacted Stephen Caldwell, her husband, to alert him of the situation. He had just gotten back from doing business in Texas.

“Sure enough, I came off the freeway and arrived at the same time as the swarm of police,” he said. According to Caldwell, he could see the automobile where the guy and lady were sh0t. He said that he saw the driver slouched over the wheel.

Two people Were Sh0t in a Vehicle in Northwest Portland

He saw the police and medics try to revive the man, but they were unsuccessful. Police said on Saturday that the lady was taken to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

At 11:23 p.m., police were called to the intersection of Northwest 17th Avenue and Irving Street in reference to a sh00ting. When they came upon the wounded man and lady, they performed first aid until the paramedics arrived.

The culprit managed to get away before the police arrived. Lory Caldwell said she didn’t see anybody leaving the building.

Case 23-110484 has been opened by Portland Police, and anybody with information is asked to contact Detective Erik Kammerer (, 503-823-0762) or Detective Mike Schmerber (, 503-823-0991).

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