Portlanders Stage Drag Performance in Response to Increasing Anti-trans Laws

On Saturday (April 29), local performers and artists put on a drag performance in Portland’s Pioneer Square to protest recent anti-LGBTQ laws. The event, titled “Expressions: A Celebration of Drag and transgender rights,” included some of the best drag acts in the region.

Trans and Drag Initiative organizers are speaking out in response to increased assaults on drag and trans artists and new lawsΒ enacted nationwide.

Portlanders Stage Drag Performance

“With more and more of these laws going into effect, it’s important to have cities and hopefully states that can remain as sanctuaries for freedom of expression and autonomy and agency of self,” said Dahlia Belle, one of the event’s organizers.

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The organization is also collecting donations for OUTMemphis, a Memphis, Tennessee-based nonprofit that works to improve the lives of the LGBTQ+ community there. Recently, Tennessee became the first state to outlaw drag shows in public places and any placeΒ minors could be present.

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