Governor Kotek Confirmed the Homelessness State of Emergency Funding

Governor Tina Kotek granted funding for the Homelessness State of EmergencyΒ on Friday(April 28)Β after she had previously withheld millions of dollars to Multnomah and Clackamas counties on April 10.

Six of the seven regional organizations have reportedly concluded contracts to “prevent nearly 9,000 people from becoming homeless, rehouse more than 1,200 households, and create over 600 new shelter beds in emergency areas by the end of the year.”

Clackamas County, the only remaining area, is anticipated to get final approval next week. Kotek declared a Homeless State of Emergency shortly after taking office in January. Hundreds of millions of dollars were rapidly granted by legislators to assist individuals in findingΒ stable homes.

Governor Kotek Confirmed the Homelessness State of Emergency Funding

Kotek, however, was reluctant to provide the funds, claiming that the regions needed to doΒ a sufficient job of justifying the allocation of public funds.

This is the most current data available on recent events at Oregon State:

Kotek hopesΒ this license would allow him to build more homes, particularly those affordable to middle-income workers, to help alleviate homelessness.

β€œThe housing crisis demands urgent action on an unprecedented timeline. I am grateful to the providers, local and county leaders who quickly assembled to form the [multi-agency coordination groups], the legislature for passing the package early with bipartisan support and broad stakeholder input, and to communities across Oregon embracing this call to action,” Kotek said. β€œI look forward to the work ahead to help ensure these investments yield visible, measurable results across our state by the end of the year.”

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