Oregonians Are Ready for a Severe Allergy Season as Pollen Levels Climb

Melanie Wayne of Oregon Allergy Associates advised people to take preventative measures to mitigate the severity of spring allergy problems. According to Oregon experts, this spring’s allergy season may rank among the worst in the previous decade.

Oregon Allergy Associates reports that when temperatures rise, tree pollen levels in Eugene have reached “very high” levels. Nurse practitioner Melanie Wayne from OAA attributes it to the year’s unexpected weather.

Oregonians Ready for a Severe Allergy Season as Pollen Levels Rise

β€œThe plants are trying to get their genetic material out for pollination,” she said. “They’re taking advantage of a smaller window of time. And it’s much more forceful.” According to Wayne, grass pollen will arrive this spring later than usual. But once the season starts, it could be devastating, she warned.

This is the most current data available on recent events at Oregon State:

Wayne claims that the general population can protect themselves using eyewear. And since specific therapies may take longer, she suggests starting them immediately. The OAA provides an online pollen count for Eugene every day.


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