Ty Burrell Stars in Keep Oregon Green’s New Wildfire Awareness Ad

In May, Keep Oregon Green will launch a campaign to educate the public on how to prevent wildfires via preventative measures. According to the release, seventy percent or more of Oregon’s wildfires are caused by humans each year.

The article states, “Many are the result of escaped fires from debris burn piles or gas-powered equipment casting sparks or catching fire.” Keep Oregon Green is teaming up with other organizations for a month-long campaign in May called “Keep Your Smokey Hat On.”

Ty Burrell Stars in Keep Oregon Green's New Wildfire Awareness

Five PSAs will be made available to the public. Emmy-winning actor Ty Burrell is best recognized for his role as Phil Dunphy on “Modern Family.”

Oregon State’s most current rumors and breaking news, including:

“The ads will encourage Oregonians and tourists to keep wildfire safety in mind while enjoying the outdoors,” the announcement reads. Burrell was born in Grants Pass, spent his childhood in Applegate and Ashland, and attended high school in Hidden Valley and Grants Pass. He knows the annual danger of wildfire and sm0ke on our health and scenic vistas.

According to the announcement, each week in May, Keep Oregon Green will provide a new subject related to wildfire prevention. The website keeporegongreen.org has further details on the program, including graphics, public service announcements, and helpful hints.

According to the statement, a single spark may swiftly spread through dry fuels, threatening life, homes, and Oregon’s beautiful scenery. This summer, before venturing outside, check in with the local land management agency or private landowner to find out if there are any fire restrictions or bans in effect. Before setting up campfires, burning trash, or using anything that might ignite a fire in Oregon, all visitors should be aware of these regulations.

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