Black Mother Shot In Front Of Child By A White American Neighbour Amid Racism

Authorities in Florida say a lady was shot and killed by her neighbor after the latter knocked on her door to recover her child’s iPad. A black woman named Ajike ‘AJ’ Owens was shot and killed, and the suspect, 58-year-old Yo Susan Lorinz, has been taken into custody.

On Wednesday, Owens’ mother Pamela Dias told reporters, “In his soul, in his heart,” that her four childrenβ€”Owens, his older brother, his younger sister, and Owens himselfβ€”would never see their mother again.

Her son, who was 9 when he saw the gunshot, feels responsible since he told his mother that the neighbor had stolen his iPad and confronted his brothers before telling her about the shooting. But the loss of his mother has not yet fully sunk in. troubled with pangs of conscience.

“Dias, arrested the day after a 58-year-old lady was found dead, said during a press conference that another child blamed himself for being unable to save his mother with CPR.

Grandmother told That’s what that 12-year-old told me, and I couldn’t save him,” Dias recalled the youngster saying.

Susan Louise Lorincz was arrested early Wednesday and charged with murder with a firearm, criminal negligence, battery, and two counts of assault, according to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office.

The sheriff’s department reported that Lorinx, who is white, was arrested on Tuesday evening. It was unclear if he was represented by an attorney at the time.

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The sheriff’s office reports that he will have his first court appearance on Thursday. It has been reported that shooter Lorincz “has been medically examined” before being incarcerated in Marion County Jail. The sheriff’s office has confirmed that she will not be physically present in court but may make a video appearance instead.

Family attorneys Ben Crump and Dias expressed gratitude for the arrest but wondered why it had taken so long.

Black Mother Shot In Front Of Child By A White American Neighbour Amid Racism
Black Mother Shot In Front Of Child By A White American Neighbour Amid Racism

Our response is not flippant. At a press conference with Owens’ family, Crump remarked, “We don’t take it lightly because black people and swift justice in America is not something that happens all the time.”

“No one would argue, ‘It’s a hard case.’ if a black lady had shot a white woman through a locked metal doorβ€”a straightforward scenario. The only question is whether or not we will treat AJ with the same respect and dignity.” Give your opinion on this article in the comment box, and follow our website to stay with us.

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