Muslims In Maryland Are Protesting Against LGBTQ Community

Pride month in Maryland, America, is a vibrant and inclusive celebration of the LGBTQ+ community. Throughout June, cities like Baltimore, Annapolis, and Silver Spring come alive with a kaleidoscope of events, parades, and activities. News has come out in which Muslim Community has been protesting against the management of schools and they are demanding Parents’ Rights as well as Religious Rights to protect their children from LGBTQ lessons.

The Two groups were seen facing each other in front of the school and they both had been raising slogans to protect their children. Muslims kept shouting “Protect Our Children”, “Fear God” and all those triggering slogans whereas the LGBTQ kept shouting “Protect Trans Kids” as the community faces a major setback. Listen to the video below:-

From colorful pride marches to educational panels, art exhibitions, and film screenings, the state embraces diversity and advocates for equality.ย  Maryland’s LGBTQ+ organizations play a crucial role in fostering acceptance and providing support for the community. Pride month in Maryland serves as a powerful reminder of the progress made towards LGBTQ+ rights, while also highlighting the ongoing fight for equality, love, and respect for all.

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