Peninsula Crossing Residents Worry About the Safety of the Safe Rest Village

Thomas Karwaki said it was a difficult transition for neighbors when the City of Portland inaugurated the Peninsula Crossing Safe Rest Village in May.

While Urban Alchemy has done an excellent job monitoring activity inside the fence, according to University Park Neighborhood Association head Karwaki, neighbors are worried about what’s happening outside the doors.

Here’s a video of some Peninsula Crossing Safe Rest Village neighbors expressing their worries-

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Despite the rough start, he said things have been looking up at the Safe Rest Village. On Sunday, June 04, night, neighbors supporting the site will get together to discuss their worries and possible solutions.

He added that to ensure everyone has a say, the city, vendor, and local company will have to sign a Good Neighbor Agreement.

There was “a lot of traffic the first week it was open, and you had several overdoses and EMTs and stuff like that that had to come,” Karwaki said. “So, that’s been one of the main concerns, the traffic and noise and then obviously the drug use.”

Peninsula Crossing Residents Worry About Safety of Safe Rest Village

He expressed concern over traffic on the street because there is only one small entry at the corner of Syracuse and Macrum, and the building is practically at capacity.

β€œThere are some needles. You have children living across the street from this entrance. And so perhaps another entrance would be needed,” he said. β€œThat’s what I think some neighbors are possibly going to talk about.”

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He predicted the Good Neighbor Agreement would be finalized within two weeks of the community meeting.

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