Portland, Oregon: Two Dead After Car Is Thrown From Bridge

Every day, disturbing new details emerge about Portland. The steel bridge was shut down for hours last week after two separate fires broke out in the area. Now we hear that a car was being driven so fast that it was thrown over a bridge in Portland.

Yesterday, in a tragic turn of events, two people were killed when a car they were riding in was careened off a bridge in Portland. The tragic event happened early in the morning, and now the town is in shock and grieving the victims’ premature deaths. If you want to see what happened following the crash, check out the tweet below:-

Witnesses said the automobile was speeding across the bridge when it abruptly veered and slammed through the barrier. There was minimal chance of rescue as the car plunged several meters into the lake below. Quickly alerting emergency services led to divers being sent to the location to begin rescue efforts.

To learn more about what led to the deadly crash, local officials have begun an exhaustive investigation. According to initial reports, plausible causes include high speeds and driver mistakes. Any witnesses or others who may have information about this occurrence are encouraged to contact the police.

More From Portland:-

The loss of life in this accident should serve as a solemn reminder of the significance of driving safely and responsibly. It emphasizes the need for drivers to be cautious and obeys speed restrictions, especially on bridges and roads, which present unique dangers.

The people of Portland continue to stand in solidarity with the victims’ families as the inquiry proceeds. A positive outcome would be increased efforts to increase road safety and prevent such tragic tragedies like this one.

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