Memorial Day Miracle: Coast Guard Safely Retrieves 3 Boaters from Sinking Vessel near Cape Arago

At 8:20 a.m. on Monday, May 29, the U.S. Coast Guard rescued three boaters celebrating Memorial DayΒ from the ocean water off the coast of Seven Devils State Recreation Site.

The 17-foot fishing boat sank after being hit by waves, leaving its crew members stranded in water that was 50 degrees for 33 minutes before USCG crews arrived. A USCG boat team rescued people in peril using their cell phones to pinpoint their location.

Coast Guard Safely Retrieves 3 Boaters from Sinking Vessel Near Cape Arago

U.S. Coast Guard Pacific Northwest Tweeted, “The individuals were found in the water wearing life jackets.”

β€œShortly after, the [USCG rescue helicopter] from Air Station North Bend arrived and lowered the swimmer to the 47-foot motor lifeboat to assist in first aid.”

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All three boaters required immediate medical attention after exhibiting symptoms of hypothermia. When the sailors finally reached Charleston Marina, paramedics treated them. U.S. Coast Guard Pacific Northwest: “We are thankful that these individuals are alive and wearing life jackets.” β€œPlease remember to be safe today, and we wish a speedy recovery for the three.”

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Unfortunately, the boat was completely buried during the rescue operation and could not be retrieved. According to USCS personnel, there was no evidence of pollution in the area.


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