CCTV Footage Shows Planned Murder Attempt On Man In Portland

When you live in Portland, injustice is as natural as air. In order to bring justice to the guy who was ready to be murdered by Antifa members in Portland, this is a wake-up call from the city’s Judicial Department. At night, they swarmed a road and attacked a man in a group for no apparent cause.

The fact that the victim has not yet received justice and the perpetrators of this crime are still at large in the community makes it clear that two years have passed since this atrocity occurred. The courts in Oregon and Portland have been figuratively slapped in the face. For the past two years, the guy has been constantly worried that he may be attacked again. See for yourself how severely this man was battered in the tweet below:-

The crowd tried to break into the hotel where the man was hiding in an effort to save his life, as seen by the CCTV footage. That night, everyone was so angry they wanted to kill the man. The man narrowly avoided being killed by the crowd and fled after a terrifying ordeal. Antifa, a small Portland-based organization only familiar to a select few, is blamed for the attacks. Their crimes have made them household names in the area.

More From Portland:-

The police’s response to this crowd remains unclear, but one thing is certain: this man will not receive justice. Democracy as depicted here is not one we wish to adopt. Leave your thoughts in the comments and keep praying for this man to see justice.


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