Implications of Mayor Wheeler’s Camping Ban Proposal on Portland’s Homeless Support

Those who work with the homeless fear that the city’s future decisions on a variety of homelessness-related issues, such as a revision of the camping ordinance and a renewal of the contract with the county for the Joint Office of Homeless Services, will have a significant effect on their ability to do so.

Blanchet House is open for all meals on Memorial Day because of the dedication of the employees and volunteers who work there throughout the year, not just on holidays. However, the future of those meal services is uncertain due to the mayor’s proposed camping legislation.

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Those without homes often sleep in tents or on the streets and sidewalks of Portland throughout the day. There’s a rationale behind it, according to Blanchet House.

Blanchet House director Scott Kerman stated, “It’s definitely true, especially for women who are unsheltered and living on the street and in camps.” Because, as you can guess, the nighttime may be somewhat terrifying, they tend to nap during the day. The reports of people being attacked in their tents at night are too familiar.

However, Mayor Wheeler has suggested further limitations on camping, including a ban on unpermitted camping between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.

Kerman said their extended dining area and everyday offerings include letting customers bring in shopping carts and bicycles so they can relax with their possessions while they eat. Should daytime camping bans be granted, more items may be brought in due to the facility’s efforts to help individuals in need.

Mayor Wheeler's Camping Ban Proposal on Portland's Homeless Support

β€œWe expect this is going t,o have a huge impact on our services. We’re already at capacity in terms of what we’re doing and meeting the need in our community,” said Kerman. Mayor Wheeler, speaking after the release of the legislation, referred to the unofficial camps as a “humanitarian catastrophe” and said that the purpose was to direct individuals to resources and shelter.

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On Thursday, May 25, Wheeler announced the proposed legislation, saying, “Enforcement of this ordinance is intended to be a tool to connect people with appropriate resources while also addressing behavior that is damaging to our community.”

Kerman says he hopes the ordinance’s time and location limits don’t prevent the city from providing public libraries and day service shelters like Blanchet House with the necessary resources to increase their service capacity.

β€œI think certainly if we’re going to be part of the solution, we’re going to be asking the city for some help,” said Kerman. β€œWe just want to make sure, in whatever direction our community goes, that we have what we need to help people survive.” On Wednesday, the city council will discuss the camping legislation. If passed, it may take effect on July 1.

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