Distraught Neighbors React After Discovering the Body of a Missing Gresham Lady in a Forested Area

A missing woman from Gresham, Washington, died on December 22, 2022. Portland resident Kristin Smith, age 22, was discovered in a forested area close to the crossroads of Southeast Deardorff Road and Southeast Flavel Street.

Residents of the area expressed disbelief at discovering human remains so close to their homes. As one local said, “I tell most people that we live in the nicest part of the neighborhood,” Lucas Gonzalez remarked. “So yeah, it’s a first for here.”

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Gonzalez said that he was born and raised in the Southeast Portland area. In February, he was heading home when he spotted deputies in a forest he claims is part of the David Douglas School District’s property.

Our inquiries to the school district were ignored. The Portland Police Department is investigating a fatality, but they have not commented on whether or not they find Smith’s death suspicious.

Gonzalez and his neighbors have expressed alarm over the recent event. According to him, settlers have lived on school district property since late 2019.

“We’re living kind of diminished and more frightened lives,” Steve Purroy, a neighbor, said. Purroy claims that he has seen squatters on the abandoned fields during the previous five years. He lamented that there is now more trash lying throughout town.

Distraught Neighbors React After Discovering the Body of a Missing Gresham Lady

“I love this neighborhood; I bought this house with the intent of retiring here and dying here,” Purroy said. “I’m afraid of the forest fires that could happen if people are camping and starting fires that could take out pretty much everything I’ve worked for all my life.”

Purroy argued that more money should be allocated to assist those needing a place to sleep. He says that rising living costs and issues with mental health are to blame for the increase in homelessness.

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Purroy states, “Rents are skyrocketing in this area, as are home prices.”Some things should be more affordable. Housing’s one of them.”

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