President Of Belarus Is Believed To Be Poisoned During Meeting With Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko met in Moscow not too long ago. In a dramatic change of events, Alexander collapsed during the meeting and had to be transported to the hospital. It was speculated that the West had surreptitiously poisoned him.

He was taken by ambulance to a Moscow hospital, where his deteriorating condition was closely monitored. The President of Belarus has been experiencing health issues, and doctors have determined that the underlying cause is unclear. There was speculation that he fainted due to a cardiac event during the conference and was afterward taken to the hospital, but we have no evidence to support this.

A leader of Belarus’s opposition party tweeted: “According to preliminary information, subject to further confirmation, Lukashenko was urgently transported to Moscow’s Central Clinical Hospital after his closed-door meeting with Putin.” He’s still getting treatment there at the moment. Below is a link to his verified tweet:

While the President of Belarus may have been poisoned, there is no evidence to suggest an assassination attempt. Since the Ukraine-Russia war began, Russia and Belarus have become close friends. They are the ones who have been giving Russia all the money and supplies it needs to keep fighting the war that would eventually unite Russia and Belarus into one country. The expansion of NATO in Europe has prompted this response.

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The Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union was a well-known historical conflict between the two superpowers. A battle that has already taken hundreds of lives in Ukraine appears to be imminent once again. What do you think is happening and how can we put an end to this conflict between Russia and Ukraine?

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