Passing Prefontaine and Chasing Rupp at the State Championships

Tyrone Gorze, a senior at Crater, has spent his spring competing for some of Oregon’s all-time best times in the long distance.

Gorze won the boys’ 3,000-meter event in 8 minutes, 4.60 seconds to kick off the action on Friday (26 May 2023) at the OSAA Class 5A track and field state championship meet at Hayward Field.

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This is the fastest springtime time for runners in Oregon. Plus, it’s the first of its kind in the United States this spring. And it’s a hair’s breadth away from breaking the state record! The time set by Gorze was faster than the 8:07.90 set by Steve Prefontaine in 1969.

Passing Prefontaine and Chasing Rupp at the State Championships

It was almost as fast as Galen Rupp’s 2004 record of 8:03.67. This isn’t the first time this year that Gorze has come close to missing a mark set by an Oregon great. Looking at Prefontaine’s record in the two-mile run, he crossed the finish line at the Oregon Relays.

In the 5,000-meter event at Indoor Nationals, he broke the previous record held by Edward Cheserek. On Saturday, Gorze will wrap up their final state title at Hayward Field. At 1:57 p.m., he will run in the 1,500-meter finals.

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