7 Year Old Oregonian Intentionally Sets House On Fire While Parents Were Asleep

You could have gotten a shiver just from reading the headline. The history of Oregon includes few things as horrible as this. No one can fathom a 7-year-old kid deliberately setting fire to the house. I know you find this hard to believe, but it has in fact occurred.

The infant reportedly woke up at night when both parents were sound sleeping in their room. There was nothing unusual until flames suddenly appeared. The family first blamed an electrical problem in the home for the fire, but it was subsequently determined that their 7-year-old child was responsible. Check out the pic in the tweet below:-

You can see the house was completely destroyed by fire because there is nothing left in the photo. A youngster who was not properly raised caused the loss of all possessions and years of savings in a matter of minutes. According to our resident child psychologist, this is all due to the youngster being spoilt. The police subsequently took custody of the minor whose identity has been withheld.

The true thing that has to be done is good parenting, and Oregonians should bear that in mind. They need to instill in their kid an appreciation for hard work and financial stability. Nothing like this would have happened if the youngster in question had been properly nurtured. The young suspect may have been inspired to commit arson after seeing videos of people on YouTube torching costly automobiles and other possessions.

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The parents’ anguish since this happened is all that is known for certain; the precise cause is still unknown. Thanks to God’s intervention, no one was hurt in the blaze. Everyone was able to leave the building in a timely manner, and no one was hurt in the process. The youngster showed no remorse for his actions.

Leave a comment below with your recommendation for dealing with the kid. What would you do if your child was in this situation?


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