US Police Shoots An 11 Year Old Innocent In Chest For Calling 911

The fast response from the police that you get when you dial 911 has saved many lives. This time, however, the situation has been turned on its head: after an 11-year-old phoned 911 for assistance with domestic violence, police arrived at his home and shot him in the chest for no apparent reason.

Even if it’s hard to believe, this truly happened in Indianola to a kid called Aderrien Murry who witnessed his parents having a violent disagreement about something trivial and decided to phone the police. The police showed up at his door shortly after he phoned and demanded that he exit the building with his hands in the air. The tweet below shows that after he imitated the behavior, an unidentified police officer shot him in the chest.

The fact that the youngster survived the gunshot wound to his chest is nothing short of a miracle. But this is of the highest evil, for the guardians have turned into the predators. Since Aderrien’s shooting, he’s been wondering Who was at blame here? Exactly what was his mistake? The thought of an innocent 11-year-old being shot in the chest for no apparent reason is giving me the chills right now.

The police appear to be involved as well, having withheld the Bodycam footage until now. No case could be filed on behalf of the youngster or his family until they engaged legal counsel. The senior members of the department may be working on a cover story to conceal this fact, thus no formal comment has been released as of yet. The Attorney has posted a photo of Aderrien following surgery, pleading for justice on the young boy’s behalf.

What do you think should happen to the police officer? Comment below. If the cop is innocent, why are they withholding the footage from his Body Cam? We welcome your feedback and thoughts.


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