Gay Mini Fridge Is Being Sold By A Portlander On Internet

In recent years, Portland has become a city full of unexpected events. Everything on the Internet is taken as sarcastic now, and I don’t know why. A Gay Mini Fridge was recently discovered for sale on Craigslist for the low, low price of $150. What?! A refrigerator is gay? That’s unbelievable.

One of our readers has provided us with a link to a post offering a tiny refrigerator in good condition. They went so far as to give a website for buying and selling secondhand goods online with the label “Gay Mini Fridge.” In addition to local delivery and door-to-door pickups, they also host public gatherings. Read the entry below:

If this is a joke, it has failed miserably. It has become a global meme phenomenon. Some members of the LGBTQ community may find this insulting, and we have observed hostility from some of them as a result. This post on the Portland subreddit has received a lot of backlash and for good reason. Such a post has never been seen before by any of us. We went to look into it, but it had already been bought.

Laughs aside, this may be seen as an assault on Portland’s Gay community’s honor and standing in the wider world. One’s own preferences are not something to be mocked or made fun of. All people deserve a life free from intimidation and disturbance. We do not think this was an appropriate method of ridicule.

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There have been no documented legal violations of this as of yet. We can only pray that this information dissuades any more Portlanders from following suit. Let’s settle down here in Portland and enjoy life. Leave your thoughts below on how you think this Reddit post should be handled.

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