Multiple Reports of Black Bear Sightings at a Park in Northwest Portland

Since May 18, at least three black bears have been spotted in Forest Park in Northwest Portland, according to authorities.

You can see a video of Black Bear sightings in portland park-

YouTube video

A Portland Parks and Recreation spokesperson, Mark Ross, said that three independent complaints of black bear sightings were made to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife within the past day or so.

The locations where people saw them were along Saltzman Road, the Fire Lane 5 trail, and the Leif Erickson trail, which were close to 53rd Avenue.

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Ross affirmed that the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife was monitoring the matter. Although sightings of bears in Forest Park are not unprecedented, the recent spate of sightings is unprecedented.

They thrive at Forest Park because of the park’s welcoming ecosystem. According to Ross, if you see more bears, call the ODFW Sauvie Island Office at (503) 621-3488.


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