Man Shot in SE Portland While Protecting His Car From Burglars Says He Almost Died

On April 17, a guy claims he was shot while protecting his son’s car from robbers in Southeast Portland. Jose said it still makes him nervous to talk about what it was like to get shot. β€œEverything is still vivid in my mind,” he said. β€œIt’s not easy to talk about.”

Jose claimed to have had fifty or so instances of car break-ins, sometimes as frequently as twice a week. He claims that when he approached the suspects, they fled the scene. β€œSo, it was getting worse and worse each day.”

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On April 17, he was alerted by his son that someone was breaking into their vehicle. Upon investigating, he spotted two suspicious-looking males. They were both white and in their twenties, according to his description. He said the assailant had reading glasses, was around 5 feet 10 inches tall, and was quite slightly built.

As the saying goes, “I was yelling at them and trying to scare them away.” Jose claimed that one of the criminals then asked the other to “throw” him a gun. Jose claims the suspectΒ shot him in the head after catching his rifle.

Jose remarked, “The force of it, the strength of it, was so enormous.” β€œI felt this tremendous heat inside of my body. I fell, and I started seeing my life in front of me like a movie.” As the bullet ripped through Jose’s chest and into his diaphragm, he felt his ribs snap,Β and his liver took the brunt of the damage.

After several days of unconsciousness, he awoke in the hospital, where he claims physicians gave him something to drink. He was reportedly rushed back to the intensive care unit because his body was in disarray.

He admitted, “There are times when I am angry at myself.” Asking oneself, “Why did I go out and confront them like that?” He is furious not only with the shooter but also with his accomplice. β€œI’m mad at them because only a coward would do something like that. They’ll just shoot you and kill you. They’re ruthless. They don’t care.”

Now that Jose is home, he is surrounded by his family of about 20, who are all rooting for him as he gets well. β€œIt’s going to take time,” he said. β€œI’m slowly starting to walk. So, I believe this is a second chance. I miss my life. I can’t wait to go back to work and just back to normal.”

He said he would stop trying to stop criminals. Instead, he requests that they take everything they want from him “because I was very close to losing my life.” Even if they’re armed, he thinks others should follow his lead.

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β€œDon’t make the same mistake I made. It’s not worth it. These people will not hesitate. They don’t care. Just think twice because you can die.” According to Jose, he hasn’t heard from the authorities in a while.

Jose has been unable to work since the accident andΒ has expressedΒ growing concern over his mounting medical expenditures.

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