Oregon High School Installs Sanitary Napkin Dispenser for Boys Restroom

The state of Oregon continues to produce daily amusing headlines. A sanitary napkin dispenser was recently installed in the male restroom as a result of one such event. Wow, is that true? The Oregon Department of Education mandated this for all high schools. Anyone hearing this news will likely react similarly to how you and I did.

All of the boys’ restrooms at Lakeridge High School in Oregon are equipped with these dispensers, which serve no use. The sentimental feelings of the students there will be deeply damaged, and we still don’t know what motivated this act.

From the looks of the pictures posted by a verified Twitter user, the guys had given up on the dispenser and thrown it into the trash. Here’s the tweet in question:

No one appears to understand this, and the tweet implies sarcasm about it. We still don’t know who’s responsible for this unprecedented crime in Oregon. To ensure that female students have access to sanitary napkins throughout their monthly period, these dispensers are typically installed in restrooms. Every woman needs this dispenser because menstruation is a monthly occurrence that necessitates extra attention to personal cleanliness.

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And yet, for boys? In my opinion, this dispenser serves no use. The government could have given them to areas that have a greater need for them rather than installing them there. Leave a comment with your thoughts on this.

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