Drug Traffickers “Own These Streets,” as Overdose Deaths Increase in Portland

Officer David Baer said that dealing with fent@nyl is now his primary occupation. He says the number of overd0ses he’s called to treat in Portland’s streets has increased dramatically in the past year.

β€œAs anyone who’s been downtown recently can see themselves, the crisis that we’re seeing there, the volume of dr*gs that we’re seeing, and then the potency of the dr*gs,” Baer said. β€œPeople tell me that they smoke 40 to 50 pills daily.”

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Another victim of the overd0ses in Portland was found on the sidewalk at SW 5th and Alder before dawn on Monday, May 22. A few streets away, at the intersection of SW 5th and Oak, hours later, another person overd0sed. The cops administered three doses of Narcan and CPR before the victim regained consciousness. At this point, they refused further medical treatment.

The same thing happens to food delivery drivers at night. One couple, concerned for their safety from the dr*g traffickers in the area, asked that their faces not be shown on video. “We’re getting pretty tired of seeing them here,” he said. β€œThey own these streets.”

A building at SW 4th and Washington has reportedly been cleaned up and boarded due to a recent in-depth expose on the dr*g and addiction issue. However, the case merely spreads throughout the community.

β€œWe’re using a lot of Narcan to revive people,” he said. β€œI mean, a lot of people will just pass by people who are overd0sed or de@d and not know it. So, check on people.” David Baer, an officer, agrees with you.

β€œI would like to remind people that the people overdosing on the street are still our neighbors. They’re still people with families,” Baer said. They advocate for everyone to carry and learn how to administer Narcan.

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Overdose Deaths Increase in Portland

Treatment for opioid overd0ses can now be purchased without a prescription. In Washington, residents can obtain Narcan from pharmacies with or without a doctor’s prescription thanks to a standing order.

Although no such charge exists in Oregon, you can get one written by most pharmacies. Medical professionals concur that giving Narcan to someone who is not overdosing has no adverse effects.

According to recent PPB statistics, the overdose fatality rate in the city has surpassed the m*rder rate by roughly a 3:1 margin. The number of dr*g overdose de@ths in Portland has increased by 46% in the past year, with 85 recorded as of May 16. There have been 34 m*rders in Portland in 2023 as of May 14. Firearms have killed all but four.

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