Oscar Winner Tom Hanks Stopped by the Portland Typewriter Shop, Type Space

Tom Hanks has made no secret of his love for typewriters. On May 18th, he followed his interest in typewriters to Type Space, a store in Southeast Portland.

Antony Valoppi, the owner of Type Space, says that his interaction with Tom Hanks (who was in town promoting his book via a conversation with novelist Jon Raymond) was precisely what he had hoped for from the famously hospitable actor.

Valoppi claims that after Hanks arrived, he sent away his security team and acted like “a kid on a playground” as he explored Type Space and reminisced about movies like Cast Away (2001).

Tom Hanks Stopped by the Portland Typewriter Shop

Valoppi showed Hanks some of his rarest items, including a 14-carat gold typewriter that was one of only 5,000 ever made. Still, the actor was more interested in the typewriter’s practicality than its rarity.

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According to Valoppi, Hanks told him, “Just because I have millions of dollars, everyone thinks I have this exclusive, rarity collection [of typewriters].” I have 200 of them, and they all work fine. I rotate through them. In short, I avoid their gaze. Yes, I do make use of them.

A Smith Corona Clipper typewriter and a T-shirt later, Hanks left Type Space with his purchases. Valoppi also gave him a gold watch as a gift, warning him against donning it in Old Town.

When you were filming Bosom Buddies, I told him, “Look, man, it was a very dark period of my life. And that show gave me happiness, so here’s a gift to say ‘thank you.'” Valoppi thinks back. Valoppi summarizes the visit by saying that Hanks lives up to, if not exceeds, his reputation as Hollywood’s reigning nice guy.

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