Oregon Truck Driver Arrested After Multi-vehicle Interstate Disaster Kills 7 People

A semi-truck driver was detained on Friday, May 19,Β  for manslaughter, DUI, and other offenses after his truck collided with a passenger van on Interstate 5 in western Oregon, k!lling seven people in one of the bloodiest collisions in recent Oregon history.

According to reports, eleven individuals rode in the van when it was hit. According to Oregon State Police, six people were killed instantly, one more d!ed after being taken to a hospital, and four more were injured.

You can see a video of 7 people in a crash on I-5 south of Portland, Oregon-


Police in North Highlands, California, have @rrested a 52-year-old man named Lincoln Clayton Smith on suspicion of DUII, reckless driving, manslaughter, and assault. At the time, Smith was a detainee in the Marion County J@il.

He hadn’t been to court yet, and it was unclear if he was represented. The @ccident happened on Thursday, May 18, afternoon near Albany in a rural part of the Willamette Valley, involving a vehicle and two semi-trucks.

According to investigators, a truck traveling north on Interstate 5 crossed over into oncoming traffic and collided with a parked van. Another car was parked in front of the truck and pushed into the back of that vehicle.

State transportation officials reported Thursday, May 17, the night that the I-5 northbound lanes have reopened after being stopped for several hours while specialists examined. After the incident, the Albany Democrat-Herald reported seeing plastic bags containing bodies in a nearby field.

The news source reports that police and fire authorities blocked off the scene by placing a blue tarp over the damaged van and a barrier in front of one of the vehicles. One patient was taken by one of Life Flight Network’s emergency medical helicopters to a hospital in the Salem region, the company confirmed.

Oregon Truck Driver Arrested After Multi-vehicle Interstate

Witness According to the Salem Statesman Journal, van driver Adrian Gonzalez said the accident “mangled” the vehicle. According to the damage, “the van appeared to have been sandwiched,” he added. That “it got hit very hard.” This crash ranks among Oregon’s deadliest in recent memory.

A family of seven, including five young children, was murdered in a head-on collision on a rural road in Harney County, eastern Oregon, in August 2018. In all, eight lives were lost.

Here is the most recent information we have regarding upcoming events in Portland:

According to reports, On an icy stretch of Interstate 84 in December 2012, a tour bus lost control and smashed through a railing, sending nine tourists hurtling several hundred feet down an embankment to their de@ths. The bus was traveling with around 40 people when it crashed in Deadman Pass near Pendleton.

In 1988, seven more persons were murdered, and thirty-seven were injured in a separate incident on Interstate 5 near Albany. The catastrophic 23-car pileup claimed the lives of at least two infants. You’ll find Albany, Oregon, about 70 miles south of Portland, between Salem and Eugene. The West Coast’s primary north-to-south interstate is the 5 (I-5).

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