Homeless Portlander Becomes Homeless Again After Apartment Fire

The apartment Fires in Portland caused Havoc among the people. Many of them suffered a massive loss of belongings and memories of loved ones in the fire. Out of this destruction, something depressing came to our knowledge. A story of a man who has become homeless 2 times in a decade.

Nick Wolf lost everything, including photos and jewelry belonging to his late mother, in a fire that destroyed The May apartments near downtown Portland on Tuesday, leaving the building unsavable and partially collapsed. For the second time in a decade, the 34-year-old is now starting over. β€œTen years ago, when I was in my early 20s, I struggled with addiction and homelessness,” he told The Media. β€œI’m certainly fearful that this catastrophe might wipe away all the positive progress I’ve made since.”

Firefighters evacuated more than a dozen people and at least two dogs after the blaze started around 10 a.m. Tuesday. Its cause is unknown at this time, but the blaze appears to have started on the third floor of the Goose Hollow apartment building and jumped to the fourth, fire officials said. There were multiple explosions throughout the 42-unit building. Fire investigators said they were aware of rumors floating around about the cause of the fire, including that it could be arson, but said they β€œcan’t confirm anything right now.” Here’s a video of the horrific scene of the apartment fire:

Wolf said the building served an important function in the community, β€œoffering housing for people that couldn’t afford the more expensive apartments in the area.” He said many people worked β€œvery, very hard” to live there. The building was home to formerly houseless individuals, disabled residents, and seniors on fixed incomes, he said.

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We can never feel what this man is going through. All the journey from being a drug addict and homeless to going to rehab and working hard to build a Home. All this struggle to become Homeless once again after a fire incident in the building. This man must be suffering from a lot of mental and emotional damage. I urge all the local residents to come forward and help this pure soul so that he does not choose the wrong path again.

Drop down your suggestions on how people should help this man.


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