Actual Dashcam Footage Of I-84 Motorhome Accident During Lane Changing

Recent days have seen an alarming increase in traffic accidents across Oregon, particularly on I-5. A collision on Interstate-84 Highway last week caused deaths and extensive property damage. Dashcam footage from a truck was discovered during the inquiry.

When an angry Motorhome driver appeared from nowhere, the truck driver was driving carefully in his lane. The Motorhome driver lost control while trying to pass the other cars and change lanes, causing many collisions. You can watch a video of the entire incident below:

Clearly, careless driving was to blame for this collision. The lives of motorists are at risk as a result of these individuals’ reckless actions on the Highway. These occurrences are occurring often on Interstate 5 in Oregon. The peaceful and welcoming atmosphere of Oregon is well-known, but I do not believe that these folks deserve to live there.

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The motorhome swiftly flips over after losing control and crashes into other vehicles that are being driven safely. This is what happens when you’re the victim of the ignorance of others. The footage presented by the case’s investigators has made it much easier to understand how to be safe while driving.

We here at want to remind everyone in Beaver State to drive carefully and stay alert at all times. To avoid trouble with the law, you should set up a dashboard camera. Leave a comment with your ideas for what the Motorhome driver should be fined for.

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  1. The guy in the motorhome should be cited for wreckless driving and possibly wreckless endangerment for his dumbass move. It’s posted on every highway in Oregon that the left lane is for passing. Why is this idiot passing on the right? That semi has every right to pass slower vehicles in the right lane. Very rarely do you see a big rig just drive in the left lane anywhere in Oregon or anywhere for that matter. I’m sure that A-hole in the RV has held up other faster cars while he was driving in the left lane.

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