People in Oregon Say Goodbye to Local Store: Permanently Closing of Doors

Oregon loses yet another retail establishment. Family-owned auto parts retailer Knecht’s of Oregon is closing on May 31.

The company’s CEO claims that “it is no longer sustainable” despite the first store debuting in Springfield in 1947, and the chain has expanded to eight locations across Illinois.

This year has been particularly difficult for the retail sector.

We’ve been involved in the community for 75 years and we’ve had great support through our customers and our employees, and we couldn’t have done it without them. So, we are very grateful and thankful for the support on both of those sides.” Knecht’s CEO Kevin Sabbato

People in Oregon Say Goodbye to Local Store

Closed-down Oregon retailers list

  • 547 Q Street, Springfield
  • 2290 West 11th Avenue, Eugene
  • 2590 River Road, Eugene
  • 3402 Main Street, Springfield
  • 1082 Highway 99 North, Eugene
  • 248 North 9th Street, Eugene
  • 2590 River Road, Eugene
  • 63011 North Highway 97, Bend
  • 2142 Santiam Highway Southeast, Albany
  • 248 North 9th Street, Eugene

Several well-known department stores, such as Bed Bath & Beyond, Tuesday(16 May 2023) Morning, David’s Bridal, and Party City, have recently declared bankruptcy. Stores of other big American retailers, including Walmart, Macy’s, Target, GAP, and Best Buy, are closing as well.

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