Washington, DC, Police Are Looking Into Multiple Shootings

Multiple g*nshots that took place in The District within a few hours of each other are being investigated by the police now.

On Monday, May 15, at approximately 11:40 p.m., police said they received reports of sh0ts fired in the 2200 Block of Savannah Terrace, located in the Southeast neighborhood.

Multiple shootings have occurred in Washington, DC, and police are currently investigating-

According to reports, On their arrival, they discovered a man who had p@ssed away from what seemed to be a g*nshot wound to the neck. Another sh00ting incident that occurred at about two in the morning on Tuesday, May 16, is also being investigated by the police.

Here are the most recent updates on what’s been going on in Washington:

After receiving reports of sh0ts fired in the 1400 block of Fairmont Street Northwest in Columbia Heights, police officers arrived in the area. They discoveredΒ a woman who had been sh0t in the head and suffered fromΒ injuries. At this point, the woman’s condition is considered to be life-threatening.

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