Beaverton Student Described as “Easygoing” Missing in Pacific

On Sunday, May 14,Β friends and family of a track star from Mountainside High School who was set to enroll at Oregon State University this autumn paid tribute to the “easygoing” and “super nice person” he was.

A video of the “easygoing” Beaverton student who went missing in Pacific-

YouTube video

Principal Todd Corsetti emailed parents on Sunday to inform them that 18-year-old Jacob Stokes had d!ed “in a tragic swimming accident” at Cannon Beach. The location of his body is still unknown.

On Friday at 4 p.m., Stokes and three other 18-year-olds were last seen in the ocean. Officials reported that two students were rescued from the water without assistance. Another swimmer was located and rescued by a rescuer. Stokes, however, was not found.

This is the latest information you need to know about what’s been happening in Portland:

“Our hearts break for Jacob’s family, his close friends, and our entire community at this time of deep sadness and grief,” Corsetti wrote. It was announced that “MHS counselors, in addition to counselors from around the district, will be available to students in the library throughout the day.”

Lt. Shaunna White, a rescue swimmer with Cannon Beach Fire & Rescue who was not on duty on Friday, advisedΒ viewers to studyΒ rip currents before heading to the beach. A good education is a lifesaver.

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