The Road Around Mount Tabor is Closed Due to a Sinkhole

The section of Southeast Yamhill Street between 76th Avenue and Mount Tabor has been closed indefinitely after a sinkhole broke up there on Friday, May 12, afternoon.

According toΒ reports from concerned citizens, the sinkhole has been expanding. Before city employees arrived to stop the street and set up barriers around the hole, they placed recycling bins and a bucket beside the hole to alert vehicles.

The Road Around Mount Tabor is Closed Due to a Sinkhole

The Portland Bureau of Transportation is investigating what happened and how much damage was done. On-site crews have been excavating all weekend. Depending on the weather, they plan to clean it up, fill in the hole, and repair/re-pave the street this next week.

Diane Dulken of the Portland Bureau of Environmental Services said, “The sewer pipes are intact.” The city has estimated that the sinkhole is 10 feet deep.

You can see a tweet with the above information-

The city says Yamhill will not reopen at 76th Avenue until Tuesday, May 16. The street is restricted to local traffic only. You can see a tweet that The line 15 bus for TriMet is being rerouted around the construction.

The most recent information regarding what has been happening in Portland is as follows:

When asked what residents should do during a sewer emergency, Dylan Rivera of PBOT advised, “Call PBOT’s 24-hour dispatch at 503-823-1700.”

Sinkholes, potholes, and other road problems can be reported to the city via their website orΒ phone. A plan to fix the city’s many holes has been documented on a map.


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