A Former Portland Journalist Has Been Deemed Unable to Face Trial for Arson

Michael Bivins, a former Portland freelance writer accused of harassing local churches, was deemed unable to stand trial in 2022.

About a year ago, Bivins was charged with arson at the Muslim Community Center and damage at Congregations Shir Tikvah and Beth Israel. He was charged with arson, criminal mischief, and five counts of prejudice offenses.

See a tweet from a former Portland journalist praised for covering the trial of right-wing groups accused of hate crimes but determined to be mentally unfit-

ReportsΒ have learned through a court filing that he has been subject to psychological testing since June. On May 3, he was deemed “unfit to proceed,” and on May 11, he was committed to Oregon State Hospital.

The most recent information regarding what has been happening in Portland is as follows:

Before his arrest, he worked as a freelance journalist for variousΒ outlets, frequently writingΒ about political radicalism.

As evidenced by court documents discovered soon after his arrest, Bivins had lately become homeless and had informed police that, while not at his mother’s house in Tenino, he had been sleeping on the streets most nights.

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