81-year-old D!es in Tragic Collision in NE Portland

According to the authorities, a collision in Northeast Portland resulted in the de@th of a woman who was 81 years old. On May 9, the police responded to a terrible @ccident on Northeast Broadway Street where a car struck a pedestrian. According to the police, they were called to the scene.

You can see a tweet of the above information-

The driver remained at the scene after the @ccident, and the investigators determined that the pedestrian was crossing Northeast Broadway when the motorist turned onto Broadway from Northeast 15th Avenue and hit her. The driver remained at the scene after the @ccident.

Joanna Sunseri, 81 years old, was a pedestrianΒ struck by a car and transferred to a hospital, where it was later revealed that she had p@ssed tragically.

This is the latest information you need to know about what’s been happening in Portland:

The investigation into the event is ongoing, and anyone with information is requested to contact the police and use reference number 23-121007.

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